Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Dinosaur Costume

I made my nephew this Dinosaur Costume using one of his existing green tracksuits.  The measurements in this tutorial are for a tracksuit sized age 2-3 years old. If you want to make your own version for an older child you may need to increase the size of the spikes and the amount used.

Materials Needed:
Green Tracksuit
Green Felt
Sewing Equipment
Poppers (if tail removable)

Step One: Cut out a diamond shaped paper template for the spikes. I used a diamond 10cm tall by 7cm wide. Cut out 9 spikes from green felt.

Step Two: Pin the spikes down the centre of the hood and back.

Step Three: Sew down the centre of the diamond shapes.

Step Four: Fold the triangle shapes together to create the spikes.
 Step Five: Sew together
Step Six: To create the tail you need to create a piece of felt long enough.  I only have A4 pieces of felt so I had to sew 2 pieces together and cut off the excess.  Our tail was 40cm long.  Cut out more green felt diamond shapes and sew them down the centre of the large felt piece leaving an approx 10cm gap at the top.
Step Seven: Sew down the centre of the diamond shapes.  Fold the triangle shapes together to create the spikes and sew them together.

Step Eight:  Cut the tail piece as shown -

Step Nine: Fold the tail in half length ways and pin.  Sew the tail together leaving the top open.

Step Ten: Turn the tail right side out and stuff. Sew the top together making sure the seam is at the centre back of the tail to create the 3D shape.
Step Eleven: To make the tail removable sew poppers to the top of the tail and trouser waistband.  Otherwise sew the tail in place.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.