Friday, 18 September 2015

Calling all Bingsters!

My 2 year old nephew is a massively Bing Bunny fan I was so pleased when I found this amazing free Bing Bunny sewing pattern on the official Bing Bunny website.  They also offer a free Flop knitting pattern.  Acamar Films has produced these patterns for personal use only please respect their terms of use.

If you have a little Bingster in your family I would highly recommend you giving it a go.  I craft in the evening as I work in the day and it took me two evenings to make.  I used a sewing machine for Bing himself but I hand sawed his clothing.  Bing is made from fleece with felt clothing so he is soft to cuddle. The slightly adapted the pattern as I didn't want his clothing to be removable so I didn't add velcro and just sewed the pieces together.

I have a very happy nephew who adores his new friend and has a new companion for watching his favourite TV show.