Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Dinosaur Costume

I made my nephew this Dinosaur Costume using one of his existing green tracksuits.  The measurements in this tutorial are for a tracksuit sized age 2-3 years old. If you want to make your own version for an older child you may need to increase the size of the spikes and the amount used.

Materials Needed:
Green Tracksuit
Green Felt
Sewing Equipment
Poppers (if tail removable)

Step One: Cut out a diamond shaped paper template for the spikes. I used a diamond 10cm tall by 7cm wide. Cut out 9 spikes from green felt.

Step Two: Pin the spikes down the centre of the hood and back.

Step Three: Sew down the centre of the diamond shapes.

Step Four: Fold the triangle shapes together to create the spikes.
 Step Five: Sew together
Step Six: To create the tail you need to create a piece of felt long enough.  I only have A4 pieces of felt so I had to sew 2 pieces together and cut off the excess.  Our tail was 40cm long.  Cut out more green felt diamond shapes and sew them down the centre of the large felt piece leaving an approx 10cm gap at the top.
Step Seven: Sew down the centre of the diamond shapes.  Fold the triangle shapes together to create the spikes and sew them together.

Step Eight:  Cut the tail piece as shown -

Step Nine: Fold the tail in half length ways and pin.  Sew the tail together leaving the top open.

Step Ten: Turn the tail right side out and stuff. Sew the top together making sure the seam is at the centre back of the tail to create the 3D shape.
Step Eleven: To make the tail removable sew poppers to the top of the tail and trouser waistband.  Otherwise sew the tail in place.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

How to download a pattern or SVG from my website - www.sewingboxcrafts.co.uk

Silhouette Cameo Designer Edition Software

Silhouette Cameo

My crafting world got a whole lot bigger this week when I finally dusted off my Silhouette Cameo.  I purchased my Cameo about 11 months ago but apart from doing a few cuts when I first set it up, it has been sat collecting dust since.   With Christmas looming I thought this would be the idea time to dust it off and send it to work. 

With the new found passion for my Cameo I decided to purchase the Designer Edition software,  which I would highly recommend especially as it gives you the ability to import SVG’s (scalable vector graphics).  If you are unsure how to do this I have put together a help sheet -

How to import a SVG Help Sheet -

I purchased the Designer Edition upgrade from Swing Design. 

Here are a few of my first Christmas Card designs –

For more SVG Files and Freebies pop over to my website

Friday, 18 September 2015

Calling all Bingsters!

My 2 year old nephew is a massively Bing Bunny fan I was so pleased when I found this amazing free Bing Bunny sewing pattern on the official Bing Bunny website.  They also offer a free Flop knitting pattern.  Acamar Films has produced these patterns for personal use only please respect their terms of use.

If you have a little Bingster in your family I would highly recommend you giving it a go.  I craft in the evening as I work in the day and it took me two evenings to make.  I used a sewing machine for Bing himself but I hand sawed his clothing.  Bing is made from fleece with felt clothing so he is soft to cuddle. The slightly adapted the pattern as I didn't want his clothing to be removable so I didn't add velcro and just sewed the pieces together.

I have a very happy nephew who adores his new friend and has a new companion for watching his favourite TV show.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Felt Flower Tutorial

This felt flower tutorial can be used for many creative projects.  I used the flowers to make a unique Mother's Day Flower Bouquet that will last a life time.

Felt Flower Tutorial 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Felt Food Sushi

I've been making felt sushi for a few years but its always been from memory.  I always thought about putting the pattern on paper but never got round to it, so when cut out and keep had a competition for Japanese themed projects I thought it would be the perfect time.

So.... here it is Felt Sushi Pattern.  This pattern includes instructions to make 5 different types of sushi.  The felt sushi makes excellent play food or just a fun display piece.  It's quick and easy to make.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Felt Fox Camera Case

This quick and easy make with keep your camera warm and cosy. The case is made from felt with a cute friendly fox on the cover flap. The PDF contains instructions on how to make the camera case and fox.

Fox Camera Case Instructions & Pattern

Personalised Cushion Cover Pattern

Free Personalised cushion cover for 30cm cushion inner. 
The cover can have any name across the middle and a hand embroidered 'Love From' tag in the bottom corner. The cover is made in an envelope style so can be easily removed and washed. 

Cushion Cover Instructions

Materials needed-
30cm x 30cm cushion inner
Main cover fabric 4 x Contrasting fabrics
Letter fabric
Contrasting ribbons & ricrac
Embroidery Thread
Sewing Machine
Sewing Kit